Mayday Emergency Information Technology Host



There is a lot of work to be done, from which a lot of people can benefit. As we all do have fulltime jobs, it is difficult to maintain everything with just a few people. So we are looking for a number of people who have the interest to contribute.

What work will have to be done?

Here are just some idea’s for getting the platform in place.

1)      Casing

a.       Get it water proof.

2)      HW related

a.       Get it energy optimized.

b.      Finding the best water proof energy supply.

c.       Finding a way to charge it off grid (solar powered, wind powered, water powered).

d.      HW for GPS, Wifi, Accelerometer, etc …

e.      MIL spec temperature range.

3)      Software related

a.       Take in a lot of existing open source projects. The challenge will be to get all of them to work alongside and to harden them such we will have a stable environment.

b.      New projects for e.g. night vision, augmented reality etc.

c.       Ad hoc networking.


We are looking for people to contribute?


From above requirements it is clear that this cannot be achieved with just a few persons. Although we have managed with just a few people to create a first prototype with already quite some functionality it is clear to make it a stable good quality product we must tilt it to the next level.

As such a development community is needed for it. Developers, Integrators, Testers, Document writers, Web maintenance responsible, Art creators, juridical people, Financial people, a large user community are needed.  There are many people with different profiles required.

Many people are looking for such a solution, and technically there are a lot of challenges.



Over time it is has become clear that some amount of money is required for website hosting, purchasing materials for investigation etc. We provide the information for free, a small contribution from your side will enable us to continue the project and realize more functionality for you.


If you want to contribute please contact us.

Hope to get in touch with you soon.



The MEITH Team